I've always loved robotics and prosthetics.  Represented my school at Indian National IRO in 9th grade in Open Project Category demonstrating use of Robotic Prosthetic Arm.

I learnt about Arduino few years ago and this project combines two very cool things: an Arduino voice recognition shield and an Open-Source 3D printed robotics project called InMoov

What I have done is:

 modify the InMoov hand/forearm to be usable as a prosthetic

 add a VR (voice recognition) shield to receive verbal commands and then make corresponding motions with the hand

The advantage of voice control is that it doesn't require muscles and is more flexible to different physical conditions (also hands free!)

My program includes hand gestures and actions for everyday living!

The foundation of the implementation is based on InMoov's Hand and Forarm 

Core components are:

    Arduino board

    Voice recognition

    Servo Motors

Other parts are bolts, fishing line, etc.

Tools used are: Drill, Super Glue, Soldering Iron, Screw Driver, and Sandpaper.