Do you sometimes feel jealous of your laptop?, I know I do. Though it is a scary thought, it is nothing but the truth. A piece of technology created by man, possesses the power of knowledge unparalleled to any other.


The Technological revolution has fabricated the structure of society that is well known today. We are now able to reap the awards of knowledge, snippets of the great unknown and theories of the unexplained, only made possible by the integration of the world of machines into our own. Through time we have become accustomed to their presence and aware of their significance and our dependance. We have learned to live in harmony, in symbiosis.


A pocket in the universe, the society of machines work tirelessly beside mankind, forging the path of the future, yet connecting culture and identity of our ancestors. From a very young age the concept of engineering has fascinated me. It has accompanied me on journeys people can only dream of. Theories and ideas plague my mind, filling the hours of boredom. But a couple years ago, my interests and passions adhered to the biological sciences, specifically regarding the concept of biological autonomy. I have always wanted to explore the various ways in which the science of Biology and the essence of technology could be seamlessly integrated to better aid man in his intellectual quests, to help individuals reattain their biotic autonomy. This thirst for exploration fostered my desire to become an Ambassador, a representative for the afflicted. As a result during the course of my junior and senior year I developed a number of prosthetic arm prototypes that I believe could aid in bridging the gap between independence and disability.


I tried to imagine a world wherein individuals who lost limbs in warfare, and those with genetic anomalies would have the ability to re-attain their autonomy entirely through the use of next generation prosthetics. I attempted to find answers to impossible questions, such as: How can a veteran with double upper amputees play catch with his son? And, How can a little girl from Dharavi, with Stargardt's disease, go to the bathroom unassisted? These prosthetic prototypes were not mere projects that filled the hours of sleepless nights. They were and are promises of independence and ebullience. 


I thus embarked on the challenge of developing ways to provide independence for those afflicted individuals who were underprivileged. Have you ever experienced that moment when you felt like a Superhero? The moment when you had the power to dissolve the pain of others? Of all the places, I felt this sensation by creating yet another prosthetic prototype. I felt as though my curiosity had its talons in me, without doubt, and my ideas were forcing me to lead a life of creation. I proceeded to create prodigious robotic aliens, with the sole purpose of enhancing our biotic autonomy. I felt like a Superhero who had managed to design and create a prosthetic arm like Tony Stark (Iron Man), or who succeeded in developing an eye prosthesis like Silas Stone (Inventor) - ( This project is not displayed on the website and was used to compete and win the 2012-2013 regional IRO competition :) )


It is through these expeditions to the heart of my desires that I ended up with the current set of prototypes displayed on the site below. Each type incorporates a unique hand structure which takes the weight and orientation of the motors into consideration, in addition to providing areas where the wires could be attached. The photographical representation of the different models clearly accentuates the different modifications that were incorporated and installed through the progression of my adventure, and finally I have been able to complete the final prototype. This journey has only augmented my thirst for knowledge, and I am very grateful that you took part in this journey of a life time !. 

Rahul Babu

Leveraging my work at Adept Drone

prosthetist, as defined by The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc., is a person who measures, designs, fabricatesfits, or services a  prosthesis as prescribed by a licensed physician, and who assists in the formulation of the prosthesis prescription for the replacement of external parts of the human body lost due to amputation or congenital deformities or absences.